Space Marines: Drop Pod (Box damaged)

Space Marines: Drop Pod (Box damaged)
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Model:  99120101340x
Game:  Warhammer 40k

This item has cosmetic box damage

This item has cosmetic box damage - this may be dents or tears or scuffing, but the contents will be unaffected.

The Space Marines are known as the Angels of Death, and the title is never more appropriate than when they attack using Drop Pods. Drop Pod assaults are the ultimate weapon of terror and surprise, aimed right at the heart of the foe. Scarcely have the smouldering hulls come to rest when their hatches blow clear, and the occupants disembark to wreak havoc on wrong–footed enemies.

This box set contains one multi–part plastic Space Marine Drop Pod. This large 89–piece kit includes components to arm the Drop Pod with either a storm bolter or a Deathwind launcher, and includes an Ultramarines Vehicle Transfer Sheet.

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