Tyranid: Genestealer Brood (Box damaged)

Tyranid: Genestealer Brood (Box damaged)
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Model:  99120106007x
Game:  Warhammer 40k

This item has cosmetic box damage

This item has cosmetic box damage - this may be dents or tears or scuffing, but the contents will be unaffected.

Worshipped as the star–brethren of the Patriarch, the Purestrain Genestealers are stealthy predators that excel in times of war. These xenos creatures are terrifyingly agile and swift, able to squeeze through small spaces and track their prey across miles of urban decay. Their claws are diamond–hard and wickedly curved, natural weapons bred by the bio–fleets of the Tyranids to slice through the thickest armour or hide.

This box set contains eight multi–part plastic Genestealers, and includes a host of additional components allowing you to represent a number of weapon–symbiotes or biomorph enhancements. Models supplied with 25mm round bases.

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