Drukhari: Wracks (Plain Packaging) (Box damaged)

Drukhari: Wracks (Plain Packaging) (Box damaged)
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This item has cosmetic box damage

This item has cosmetic box damage - this may be dents or tears or scuffing, but the contents will be unaffected.

As attendants and servants to the Haemonculi, each Wrack is an abhorrent example of his master's surgical craftsmanship, an individual cut apart and refashioned into a walking instrument of torture. Upon the field of battle they will defend their creator with their lives, utilizing all manner of disturbing, exotic weapons.

This 86-piece plastic kit makes five Wracks. Each Wrack can be equipped with a host of weapons, including hooked blades, studded clubs, 1 liquifier gun and 1 ossefactor. There are also eleven heads, including three intended for the Acothyst. This kit also includes two additional sets of arms which allow you to convert one Wrack into a Raider pilot or gunner.

This is a GW Direct product, therefore is supplied in a plain white GW box.

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