Sylvaneth Treelord (Box damaged)

Sylvaneth Treelord (Box damaged)
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Model:  99120204013X
Game:  Age of Sigmar (AoS)

This item has cosmetic box damage

This item has cosmetic box damage - this may be dents or tears or scuffing, but the contents will be unaffected.

 Gargantuan, towering tree–spirits whose resolute stride shakes the very earth, the Treelord Ancients are amongst the very oldest living creatures that dwell in the realms. Not only are they warriors of renown, able to go toe–to–branch with the hardiest enemy, they’re also potent spell–wielders capable of casting down the vengeful wrath of the Wyldwoods

This multi–part plastic kit contains everything you need in order to build one Treelord Ancient, the sylvaneth’s respected magic–wielders. It comes with eight optional ethereal spites for customisation, a Citadel 105mm Oval Base and can be optionally assembled as a Treelord or Durthu*. Each of these variants has its own head and weapon option.

*rules for Durthu can be found in the Wood Elves Warscroll Compendium, available for free download

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