Blood Bowl: Goblin Pitch & Dugouts

Blood Bowl: Goblin Pitch & Dugouts
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The Goblins prefer their pitches to feel like home barren, desolate, and covered in mushrooms and this pitch and dugout set is exactly that.

You'll find one side of the game board covered in craters and pockmarks, with the symbol of the Bad Moon at its centre. Flip the board over to reveal the aftermath of a heavy rainstorm, with the dugouts and craters embedded in the pitch knee-deep (or waist-deep, for a Goblin) in water.

The package includes two double-sided dugouts to match the style of the pitch. Each side of the dugouts feature the usual Reserves, Knocked Out, and Casualty boxes, plus score, turn, and Re-roll trackers. You'll also find rules to represent the particular features of both sides of the pitch.

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