Lumineth Realm-Lords: Vanari Dawnriders (Box damaged)

Lumineth Realm-Lords: Vanari Dawnriders (Box damaged)
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This item has cosmetic box damage

This item has cosmetic box damage - this may be dents or tears or scuffing, but the contents will be unaffected.

The Dawnriders charge the foe in tight formation, thundering into the enemy ranks and punching their lances through the chests of their foremost adversaries before leaping over their corpses so that their noble steeds might trample those behind.

Vanari Dawnriders are infantry-slaying shock cavalry, ideal for scything through hordes of skeletons, grots or anyone else unfortunate enough to be caught in their path! They're perfect for cutting through enemy lines or using their superior speed to flank vulnerable war machines and wizards in the back line.

This kit builds 5 Vanari Dawnriders, with options to build a Steedmaster and Standard Bearer. Interchangeable shields and helmet crests allow for customisation. It is supplied in 79 plastic components and comes with 5 60mm x 35mm oval bases.

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