Adepta Sororitas: Arco-Flagellants

Adepta Sororitas: Arco-Flagellants
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Model:  99120108032
Game  Warhammer 40k

Arco–flagellants lope alongside faithful armies in packs, their lash–like limbs whipping back and forth as they follow their priestly masters to battle. When the enemy is sighted, they are driven into a frenzied killing rage by a potent cocktail of adrenal stimulants and neural kill–signals, whereupon they hurl themselves into battle with no thought for self–preservation or restraint. Hacking and slashing with cyber–implanted flails, pneu–mattocks and cleavers, they fight on dementedly until there is nothing left of their foes but a pile of mutilated corpses.

Each Arco–flagellant is 'armed' with a pair arco–flails (well, they've been grafted on, so they have no choice really!). There are two different head, left arm and right arm options for each body, including a specific combination enabling you to make the classic Arco–flagellant, Damien 1427.

The kit comprises 94 components and comes supplied with 10x Citadel 25mm Round Bases.

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