Blood Angels: Death Company Dreadnought

Blood Angels: Death Company Dreadnought
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Model:  99120101089d1
Game  Warhammer 40k

The Death Company Dreadnought is death incarnate, a towering war machine whose fearsome weaponry is guided by a pilot buried deep within its shell, who has long since succumbed to the Black Rage and now fights alongside the Death Company, intent on destruction and death.

This multi–part plastic kit contains 68 components, including three sarcophagi, which can be used to make a Furioso Dreadnought, a Librarian Dreadnought or a Death Company Dreadnought. It also includes all of the weapon options available to these mighty war machines: power fists, blood talons, a frag cannon, magna–grapples and a force weapon for the Librarian Dreadnought. Includes a Citadel 60mm Round Textured base. Box cover features Furioso Dreadnaught.


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