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Blood Bowl: Snotling Team Card Pack

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This deck of 44 cards helps you focus on your game and keep track of your stats and special rules. Snotling teams are an all-new team with new positionals and lots of tricks up their sleeves.


  • 6 Reference cards for Snotlings, Fungus Flingas, Fun-Hoppas, Stilty Runnas, Pump Wagons, and Trolls
  • 9 Reference cards for Star Players including Bomber Dribblesnot, Fungus the Loon, Nobbla Blackwart, and Ripper Bolgrot
  • A Golden Era Star Player Reference Card for Bob Bifford
  • 20 Blank cards that you can use to keep track of your own players
  • A team roster card, with a match record on the reverse
  • 3 Dirty Tricks cards (can be used by any team)
  • 3 Miscellaneous Mayhem cards (can be used by any team)
  • The all-important card explaining how to use the cards, with a red card on the reverse

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