Citadel Colour Assembly Stand (2021)

Citadel Colour Assembly Stand (2021)
Citadel Colour Assembly Stand (2021)Citadel Colour Assembly Stand (2021)Citadel Colour Assembly Stand (2021)
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The Citadel Colour Assembly Stand has been expertly designed to work with a range of modular hobby tools to enhance your painting and modelling experience.

This wide, stable base features a snug holder to keep a Painting Handle or Painting Handle XL (2021) secure and safe while you work. You’ll also find two flexible yet sturdy assembly arms with rubberised jaws to hold components in place while the glue cures, making assembly easier than ever. Several shallow trays along the base allow you to collect the various bits and bobs that tend to pile up as you work.

The arms are removable, allowing you to move them to any of the many circular sockets located around the base. The arms have been designed to fit in matching sockets on the Painting Handle XL (2021) for comfortably building the largest miniatures.

The same sockets you find on this base are also sized to accommodate Sub-assembly Holders, so even the most sprawling projects stay organised and contained.

This assembly base is compatible with the newer, ergonomic design of the Citadel Colour Painting Handle, and the older decagonal handle will not fit in the central holder.

While you can find matching sockets on the updated Citadel Colour Spray Stick, continued use of canned sprays can degrade the rubber on the assembly arms, so we don’t recommend using them during your priming sessions.

Miniatures displayed in images are for scale purposes only and are not included with this product. The Spray Stick, XL Painting Handle, and Assembly Stand have been re-released in November 2021 with new designs, so make sure to choose the newer 2021 models if you want them to work together and with the sub-assembly holders.

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