Counter Set

Counter Set
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Model:  99220799014
Game  Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave

Need to keep track of something? Chances are, there's a counter in this set for you. Inside, you'll find two double–sided sheets of card counters, allowing you to keep an eye on anything from dark rituals to uncontrollable Waaagh! Energy.

This set contains:

– 6 Feast counters
– 1 Horn counter
– 6 Madness counters
– 6 Potency counters
– 6 Ritual counters
– 5 Sacrifice counters
– 15 Waaagh! counters
– 1 Wildform: +1 Move counter
– 1 Wildform: +1 Wounds counter
– 1 Wildform: +1 Defence counter

These tokens are made of card, and feature art on the reverse.

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