Datacards: Aeldari (9th Edition)

Datacards: Aeldari (9th Edition)
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Datacards make referencing your rules in battle easy. Containing quick-reference Stratagems and psychic powers, they're perfect for ensuring you don't forget crucial rules when you need them most.

This pack contains 93 datacards, divided as follows:

  • 30x Asuryani Stratagem datacards
  • 16x Harlequins Stratagem datacards
  • 6x craftworld-specific Stratagem (Ulthwe, Alaitoc, Biel-Tan, Iyanden, Saim-Hann, and Ynnari) datacards
  • 3x Saedath-specific Stratagem (Light, Dark, and Twilight) datacards
  • 6x Phantasmancy Discipline psychic power datacards
  • 6x Revenant Discipline psychic power datacards
  • 6x Runes of Battle psychic power datacards
  • 6x Runes of Fate psychic power datacards
  • 6x Runes of Fortune psychic power datacards
  • 1x Smite psychic power datacard
  • 7x Core Stratagem datacards

You will need a copy of the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book and Codex: Aeldari to make full use of these cards.

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