Deathlords Morghasts (Harbingers / Archai)

Deathlords Morghasts (Harbingers / Archai)
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Model:  99120207048
Game  Age of Sigmar (AoS)

The Archai are Nagash's elite guard and the greatest of the Morghast. Only Nagash's closest lieutenants can command them and only the mightiest heroes of the mortal race have the power to defeat them.

– This multi–part plastic kit can be assembled as two Morghast Archai. They are clad in ebon–wrought armour which channels the magic of the world into their accursed forms. Possessed with the might of demigods, they wield spirit halberds that blaze with the energies of the slain, the souls trapped within driven to drag others to share their fate.

– This kit can also be assembled as Morghast Harbingers.

– Includes two Citadel 60mm Round bases.

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