Drukhari: Grotesque (Resin / Plain Packaging)

Drukhari: Grotesque (Resin / Plain Packaging)
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Model:  99800112009
Material  Resin

Towering and monstrous, Grotesques are insane creations that are employed when their Haemonculi masters have need to commit extreme physical violence. These massive meat-hulks shamble forlornly after their macabre keepers, but when given the command to kill, they transform into engines of destruction. Their art of war is messy, brutal and utterly chaotic as they hack, chop and slice everything nearby, reducing them to little more than chunks of butchered meat swimming in pools of blood.

This pack contains one Drukhari Grotesque - a finely detailed resin cast kit that comes in nine components, including two different weapon options, and is supplied with a 40mm round base.

This is a GW Direct product, therefore is supplied in plain white GW packaging. Made from Resin, not plastic, so recommended for experienced modellers.

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