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Imperial Knights

Imperial Knights unique units only, see "Space Marines (Generic)" for the main units.

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Imperial Knights: Armiger Helverins

Imperial Knights: Armiger Helverins£45.00   £35.99

In stock
Imperial Knights: Armiger Helverins (Box damaged)

Imperial Knights: Armiger Helverins (Box damaged)This item has cosmetic box damage£45.00   £34.99

No stock
Imperial Knights: Armiger Warglaives

Imperial Knights: Armiger Warglaives£45.00   £35.99

In stock
Knight Preceptor Canis Rex

Knight Preceptor Canis Rex£95.00   £75.98

In stock
Imperial Knights: Knight Castellan

Imperial Knights: Knight Castellan£100.00   £79.89

In stock
Imperial Knights: Knight Valiant

Imperial Knights: Knight Valiant£100.00   £90.00

In stock
Codex: Imperial Knights

Codex: Imperial Knights£25.00   £18.00

In stock

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