Jakkob Bugmansson Xi: Brewmaster General

Jakkob Bugmansson Xi: Brewmaster General
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QUALITY CHECKED - A small % of this product were found by customers to contain another model, due to mispacking at the factory.  We have opened the remaining stock we have to make sure they contain the correct contents.  Therefore, this product will not be "in shrink".

The duardin. The myth. The legend. In times long past, the name of Bugman was a byword for quality amongst the people of the world-that-was, a brewsmith capable of producing the very best beverages the dwarves had to offer. Now, in the Age of Sigmar, another has risen to take his mantle – the Kharadron known as Jakkob Bugmansson XI!

This Christmas, you can add Jakkob Bugmansson XI to your collection – a Kharadron Overlords miniature that celebrates one of Warhammer’s most beloved and enduring characters. Lovingly bringing Bugman and his famous brews into the Mortal Realms, this limited-time model is a superb collector's piece that’ll be a rewarding one-off to build and paint, or a characterful addition to a larger Kharadron Overlords force. Hurry, though – this model won’t be around for long!

This set is supplied in 12 plastic components, including a choice of helmeted or unhelmeted heads. It comes with a 32mm round base.

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