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Lumineth Realm-Lords: Scinari Cathallar

Lumineth Realm-Lords: Scinari Cathallar
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Model:  99070210004

The Scinari Cathallar is the single point of darkness in the shining host of their fellow Lumineth. They take the emotional trauma of their kin and weaponise it, unleashing this torment at the foe to render them crippled by angst and despair.

The Cathallar is a key strategic unit for any Lumineth Realm-Lords force, offering magical support and letting you get the most out of your aetherquartz reserves. With her on your side, this valuable in-game resource won't just be a boon to you but a peril to your enemies as you cripple their Bravery characteristic!

This set is supplied in 12 plastic components and includes a 32mm round base.

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