Necromunda: Escher Gang

Necromunda: Escher Gang
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Model:  99120599004
Game  Necromunda

House Escher is unique among the great Houses of Necromunda, for its gangs are made up entirely of women. Masters of pharmaceuticals and chemical manipulation, what an Escher may lack in terms of raw physical strength, she more than makes up for in speed, skill and sheer psychotic flair.

– Assemble your own Escher gang – or add to the miniatures found in the Necromunda: Underhive box – with this set of 10 plastic miniatures. They've been designed to provide you with a huge amount of variety and options in assembly, meaning every gang will be unique. Included:

– 10 bodies – 2 each of 5 unique designs – each wearing flak armour. These have been designed with specific weapon options in mind, though of course you are free to model them as you see fit;
– 18 heads – 2 each of 9 unique designs – 4 featuring respirator masks. There are 14 different hairpieces – 2 each of 7 different designs – which can fit onto whichever head you choose;
– Weapons! There are quite a lot of these: 6 lasguns, 8 laspistols, 6 stiletto blades, 2 shotguns, 4 power swords, 2 autopistols, 2 shock whips, 2 needler/bolters, 2 plasma pistols, 2 chem–throwers and 2 autoguns, along with additional frag, krak and choke gas grenades, 4 sheathed stiletto blades and 2 sets of chem–synth packs.

– Supplied with 10 25mm Round bases, which feature sculpted textures that match the game board's aesthetic.

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