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Zone Mortalis: Underhive Sector

Zone Mortalis: Underhive Sector£190.00   £170.99

No stock
Thatos Pattern: Extended Hab Module

Thatos Pattern: Extended Hab Module£65.00   £51.67

No stock
Necromunda: Zone Mortalis: Gang Stronghold

Necromunda: Zone Mortalis: Gang Stronghold£60.00   £47.99

In stock, running low
Zone Mortalis: Columns & Walls

Zone Mortalis: Columns & Walls£55.00   £41.99

No stock
Thatos Pattern: Platforms & Walkways

Thatos Pattern: Platforms & Walkways£47.50   £37.76

No stock
Thatos Pattern: Hab Module

Thatos Pattern: Hab Module£47.50   £35.99

In stock
Thatos Pattern: Hab Module (Box damaged)

Thatos Pattern: Hab Module (Box damaged)£47.50   £34.99

In stock
Necromunda: Zone Mortalis Floor Tile Set

Necromunda: Zone Mortalis Floor Tile Set£45.00   £33.99

No stock
Zone Mortalis: Platforms & Stairs

Zone Mortalis: Platforms & Stairs£42.50   £31.99

No stock

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