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Ogor Mawtribes Meatgrinder Warglutt

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Meatgrinder Warglutts are much like the ogors themselves, incredibly unsubtle but no less dangerous for it. At the bellowed command of a hulking Tyrant, the Ironguts – ogors wielding huge two-handed weapons – charge forward, looking for foes to hack apart and gobble up. The air is filled with a deafening roar and nauseating gunpowder scent as the Ironblaster cannons speak, mobs of Gnoblars whooping at every shot. Often the oafish louts known as Aleguzzler Gargants will join the stampede, drunkenly staggering forwards in the search of enemies to smash to pieces.

Hungry for a new army? Ready for a bigger helping of an existing one? The Meatgrinder Warglutt should suit your tastes! This bumper buffet of Ogor Mawtribes units gives you a powerful army in a single box, all for less than you’d pay getting the models separately.

This set contains:

  • 1 x Tyrant – a ruthless ogor commander who’ll empower the units in this set to fight even harder.
  • 12 x Ogor Gluttons – greedy, rampaging ogor warriors armed with your choice of weapons.
  • 4 x Leadbelchers – ranged units who support the Ogor Mawtribes with fusillades of scrap metal.
  • 4 x Ironguts – elite ogor shock troops, heavily armed and armoured for maximum power.
  • 1 x Aleguzzler Gargant – a drunken behemoth who adds even more raw might to your force.
  • 1 x Ironblaster / Gnoblar Scraplauncher – your choice of a mighty cannon or gnoblar-powered catapult.
  • A variety of additional gnoblars in a range of styles. You can use these to decorate the bases of your ogors, or, if you like, base them up to build a unit of these screeching horrors.

This set is supplied in 677 plastic components and comes with 20x 25mm round bases, 1x 50mm round bases, 1 large oval base, 1x 90mm oval bases, and 20x 40mm round bases.

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