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Space Marines: Primaris Invader ATV

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The Invader is a highly flexible all-terrain vehicle, perfectly adapted to an aggressive reconnaissance role. Outfitted with either a multi-melta or an onslaught gatling cannon, it can rapidly deliver punishing fire against vulnerable parts of the enemy line, or swiftly engage and destroy scouting elements of opposing forces.

Firepower delivered fast – the Invader ATV gives you the guns you want, where you want. Armed with your choice of tank-scrapping multi melta or horde-munching onslaught gatling cannon, this rapid vehicle is ideal for accompanying your Outriders and other fast moving elements of your army or smashing into a squishy flank while the main body of your force holds the line.

This kit builds one Invader ATV. It is supplied with a choice of weapons and comes in 45 plastic components.

Dark Hammer says, "These just look sooo cool, and they have gatling guns, so these are going straight in my new Blood Angels army!"

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1 Review:

Great fast attack addition to space marines.
05 November 2020  | 

Lovely easy to assemble model with great potential for conversions if desired. Dont forget your magnets to change the weapon options from Melta to onslaught gatling canon. For 80pts in the 40k universe this give a lot of bang for its points.

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