Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunters

Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunters
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Model:  99120204018
Game  Age of Sigmar (AoS)

One of the few deities worshipped by the sylvaneth alongside Alarielle, Kurnoth represents nature's wildness and hunger. The Kurnoth Hunters are living embodiments of his wrath. Nearly twice the size of a Dryad, masters of sword, bow and scythe, they are strong enough to tear a Chaos warrior in two and tough enough to shrug off the hardest blows. Agile, graceful and stoic, they display little of the whimsy of some of their kin – they display absolute purpose, calm as ancient oaks, deeply focussed on their battles.

This multi–part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to assemble three Kurnoth Hunters, armed with a choice of greatswords, scythes or greatbows. One model can be assembled as a huntmaster, with a special head crest and weapon, and the kit contains seven additional spites. Supplied with three Citadel 50mm Round bases.

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