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Warhammer Quest: Cursed City

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In Warhammer Quest: Cursed City, you and your friends take on the role of a group of disparate heroes seeking fame, treasure, and glory on the streets of Ulfenkarn. Only by working together and balancing your strengths and skills can you hope to survive. With each journey, you will learn more of the Cursed City's closely guarded secrets and encounter more of the murderous undead that haunt it...

The game can be played solo or with up to 3 friends. Each trip into the Cursed City is a race against time, as the forces of Radukar the Wolf become empowered when night falls. At the end of each journey into Ulfenkarn, the players are retrieved by the airship Adamant, so that they may heal, gain experience, and make their plans for the future.

Only experienced heroes with the best weapons can hope to overcome Radukar and free Ulfenkarn from its undead curse – do you have what it takes to save the Cursed City?

This set includes:

  • 60 x Plastic, push-fit, Citadel miniatures:
    • 8 x Hero models
    • 42 x Hostile models
    • 10 x Mysterious objects
  • 1 x 40-page Rulebook
  • 1 x 56-page Quest book
  • 1 x 16-page Warhammer Age of Sigmar Warscrolls booklet
  • 38 x cards
  • 1 x Ulfenkarn in Peril secret envelope
  • 180 x tokens, counters, and markers
  • 20 x Game Board Tiles
  • 1 x Drop Zone Tile
  • 1 x Extraction Zone Tile
  • 1 x Skyvessel Board
  • 28 dice

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