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Zone Mortalis: Underhive Market

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Even in the deadly Zone Mortalis, markets pop up in the crossfire as merchants and scroungers attempt to make a quick sale. Full of rare goods, counterfeit wares, and desirable weapons, these maze-like markets are frequently the sites of firefights between gangs, and the Palanite Enforcers are no stranger to the flimsy cover of a stall's awning.

This kit allows you to build your own Underhive Markets from a host of terrain pieces and accessories, such as market stalls, gun racks, storage caskets, and the assorted detritus that litters the bazaars of the underhive.

This kit comprises of 45 plastic components, with which you can assemble the following Underhive Market terrain pieces:

  • 2 x large market stalls
  • 2 x small market stalls
  • 2 x horologium
  • 2 x gun racks
  • 2 x large storage caskets
  • 2 x power units
  • 4 x plasma flasks
  • 2 x lockboxes
  • 2 x buckets
  • 4 x signs
  • 6 x mugs
  • 2 x Mung vases
  • 2 x coin piles

This kit is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue

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