Craftworlds: Skyrunner

Craftworlds: Skyrunner
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Model:  99070104005
Game  Warhammer 40k

Battle–psykers, bearing Khaine's mark upon their soul, the Aeldari Warlocks are never more at home than in the heat of battle. While the power of the Farseers is subtle and patient, the Warlocks are sudden and brutal, using their formidable psychic abilities to spur their allies on and confound their enemies with a shocking, immediate violence.

This multi–part plastic kit contains everything required to make one Aeldari Warlock or Aeldari Farseer on a Skyrunner. Sleekly designed for speed and manoeuvrability with elegant fins and a beautifully–embossed carapace, the Skyrunner includes two different HUD units. Armament–wise, the Skyrunner features a twin–linked shuriken catapult, while the Warlock has two weapon options available – a witchblade or singing spear. Inside the box, you'll find twenty–five parts to assemble, and the kit is supplied with one small flying base.

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