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Start Collecting! Tyranids

Start Collecting! Tyranids£60.00   £47.98

No stock
Tyranid: Gargoyle Brood

Tyranid: Gargoyle Brood£22.50   £17.99

In stock
Tyranid: Termagant Brood

Tyranid: Termagant Brood£20.00   £15.99

In stock
Tyranid: Termagant Brood (Box damaged)

Tyranid: Termagant Brood (Box damaged)This item has cosmetic box damage£20.00   £15.39

No stock
Tyranid: Genestealer Brood

Tyranid: Genestealer Brood£22.50   £17.99

In stock
Tyranid: Hormagaunt Brood

Tyranid: Hormagaunt Brood£22.50   £17.99

In stock
Tyranid: Warriors

Tyranid: Warriors£32.50   £26.99

No stock
Tyranid: Venomthropes

Tyranid: Venomthropes£40.00   £31.99

In stock, running low
Tyranid: Harpy

Tyranid: Harpy£50.00

Low stock, no more available
Tyranid: Broodlord

Tyranid: Broodlord£25.00   £19.99

In stock
Tyranid: Tyrannofex / Tervigon

Tyranid: Tyrannofex / Tervigon£35.00   £27.89

No stock
Tyranid: Hive Tyrant

Tyranid: Hive Tyrant£35.00   £27.99

In stock
Tyranid: Tyrannocyte

Tyranid: Tyrannocyte£40.00   £31.99

No stock
Tyranid: Trygon / Mawloc

Tyranid: Trygon / Mawloc£50.00   £39.98

In stock, running low
Datacards: Tyranids

Datacards: Tyranids£12.00   £9.49

In stock
Tyranids Brood Swarm

Tyranids Brood Swarm£125.00

No stock, discontinued

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