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Tyranids: Toxicrene / Maleceptor (Plain Packaging)
Tyranids: Toxicrene / Maleceptor (Plain Packaging)

Tyranids: Toxicrene / Maleceptor (Plain Packaging)

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The Toxicrene looms over the scuttling broods it accompanies to battle, thrashing at those that venture too close with it’s tentacle-limbs. Yet it’s the toxic, choking clouds of spores that blast out from the Toxicrene’s dorsal chimneys that give the beast it’s fell reputation.

This 55-piece plastic kit makes one Toxicrene with a crown of dorsal chimneys and twelve huge, lashing tentacles. The miniature is poised atop its latest victim - a crushed Space Marine Terminator.

This kit can alternatively be built as a Maleceptor.


This is a GW Direct Only product, therefore this product is supplied in a plain white GW box.  

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