Coming Soon - Killteam: Chalnath

20 September 2021  |  Admin

Rather not wear a gas mask? Not really a big fan of green? Well if you didn’t like the Krieg and Kommandos from Octarius, then maybe the second Kill Team box is more your style!

Kill Team: Chalnath is coming soon! Introducing two new Kill Teams, one for the ever holy and righteous Sisters of Battle and one for the high tech, super gun wielding Tau.

Like the Krieg and Kommandos from octarius these are separate self contained Kill Teams with their own loadouts, rules, and stats unique from the normal factions. Chalnath also contains the namesake rules manual, which contains the datasheets for the new Kill Teams and nine new missions for you and friends/family to prepare your units for!

And if that wasn’t enough the box comes with a full loadout of imperial ruins terrain to add some freshness to your game board. The future of Kill Team is looking bright, so get stuck in today!