Closing Down! Our "Bricks & Mortar" shop has closed due to spiralling costs (rent, service charge, utilties etc).  Without a shop we are no longer able to purchase more stock from GW.  This website will continue to sell our remaining Games Workshop stocks until we run out, so snap up some bargains before they're all gone! Our non-GW websites will continue as normal, and this website will be re-purposed for new games in the coming weeks.

Coming Soon - Killteam Starter Set

Got all excited by the new kill team but didn’t want to shell out for the octarius box? Well never fear, coming soon is the new kill team starter set, much like octarius the box contains the two new Krieg and Kommandos teams, all the counters and dice, and the double sided game board, but the rest is a bit more compact and suited to beginners.

The ork themed terrain consists of only scatter no buildings, a recruit edition booklet which teaches you how to play and has some tutorial missions, and a smaller compact version of the core rules.

Not fancying that either and really just want the cool hat Orks? Or perhaps you want those parts for the extra krieg models? Well don’t worry! The Krieg and Kommando teams will also be sold separately soon around the same time the starter sets are out.

Until then feel free to come check out our current kill team stock, we have Octarius, faction dice, the compendium, anything you need to get prepped for the new Kill Team!